Best gum iran suppliers 2020

Who are the best gum Iran suppliers? What are these products anyway? The gum contains a very important foodstuff in many times of our day without losing its property, even for days. If you ask about such products, there are thousands of ideas to prepare them, in other words, it is a common foodstuff and everyone knows it as well. The mastic gums are varied in their variety, so, it is interesting to mention the history of these products in this article briefly. 

Best gum iran suppliers 2020

Top mastic gum producers

Top mastic gum producers

Chewing gum or Adams is a kind of artificial, soft, and cohesive substance or foodstuff for chewing without being ruined or swallowed. The gums consist of sweeteners and some of the gum-base composed. This product had been discovered from hundreds of years ago by a herbal substance called turpentine, it is a composed of herbal benefits and also hundreds of medicinal and industrial usages in the whole world. 

Turpentine oil or wood is a fluid obtained from the distillation by resin harvested trees as a half-hard substance to get efficiency from other parts of industries. Two main usages of turpentine extract are for solvent and a good source of organic syntheses. Today, this substance is used for turpentine gum as well as other industries at massive volumes. 

The mastic gum and its sticky property come from several physical-chemical base materials that are producing in related companies. Production lines of chewing gums are too wide and it is logical to see lots of different quality of these chewable products in the whole marketplaces. Generally, a small piece of chewing gum is produced by the below materials:

  • Softeners
  • Plasticizers
  • Flavors
  • Colors
  • A hard powdered polyol coating

So, gathering all of these substances ends in producing the chewing gums at different sizes and brands. So, it made a sticky, chewy, and elastic-plastic characteristics for this product. As it said, mastic gum is manufacturing in all of the provinces and countries, according to the levels of qualities, only some of these brands will raise up in the marketplace but the other ones can not. 

If you do not know about mastic gum, you have to know that it is a resin source from mastic tree called Pistacia Lentiscus, this herbal material is harvested since ancient times in Greece. The main usage of this product was freshening the breathe and aid to digestion. The Greek island of Chios is the main source of this tree that grows traditionally. 

Today, the mastic gum is producing in many Asian and European countries in terms of adding better beneficial materials to make the gum useful. All of the world countries can produce this kind of product exclusively and widely, it matters which ones are better than others. By checking the relevant websites you can know these producers via their brands. 

Global exports of gum iran

As it said, our world is full of foodstuffs and materials for better performance and to have considerable experience for the people. Chewing gums has a long history and it is proved that these products had been produced and used hundreds of years ago in many civilizations and now, it is turned into a habit for all of the people. 

Generally, the trading aspects of chewing gums tells how the famous companies can produce and export these producers to many industrial and residential locations at massive and retail volumes. Well, the first step is essential to know the brands and strong companies in this field. 

The chewing gums can come with hundreds of flavors intend to the customer interests, so, there are more than 15 types of flavors for chewing gums when yo go to the related markets. Several kinds of famous flavors are included in:

  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Mixed fruit
  • Mint
  • Peppermint
  • Spearmint
  • Wintergreen
  • Watermelon

and … the mint and banana are two famous and popular types of flavors for all of the chewing gum brands, so, the complained try to produce these kinds of flavors for more customers. The global expectations of Iranian chewing gums are performing in demanding areas due to the qualities and levels of properties. 

These properties can be divided into different sorts of features, for example, the sugar-free chewing gums have recently become too famous ones and people prefer to prepare these ones instead of those ones with high amounts of sugar. Iran uses the organic turpentine to produce the chewing gums for the customers because of its medicinal benefits. This kind of gum can be found in spicy stores. 

As a reminder, turpentine has extracted a tree from Greek island Chios, the Pistacia Atlantica gum, this substance had been used for producing some of the chewable and sticky gums for curing several digestive problems. In fact, they are known as Saghez gum from those times until now with the existence of hundreds of different chewing gums.

You can find the chewing gums of Iranian producers in different sorts of stores such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, and … Iranian people like to use chewing gums too much. Global expectations also are done between the Middle-East and other parts of Asia. To find these centers, go to the places which are active in presenting the foodstuffs and other edible materials. 

Saghez gum in iran market

Saghez gum in iran market

As it said, Saghez or turpentine is a kind of herbal plant that is producing in different parts of the world for many industries such as food, wood, and oil industries. This is a herbal and medicinal plant to cure many problems that relate to the inner parts of the people such as digestive processes. Saghez gums are today selling in different condiments and herbal stores for the customers who are willing to use traditional ways of curing their problems.

So, it is easy to go to the closet herbal store in your residential areas and prepare your intended gum, it is essential to say that Saghez gums are not packed as the other company made gums in the markets, but they are traditionally packed into the paper or plastic bags at three or more small rounded pieces. It tastes a bitter and spicy flavor and has to be used in the mornings. 

Iranian markets are widely charged by this foodstuff and present them to all customers who want to prepare it instead of the artificial and sugar-based gums. Saghze has a sticky texture and sticks over your teeth easily and it is hard to remove it. So, pay attention to the time you are chewing it because it damages the teeth’ health as well.

Several items that are essential to pay attention are included in the below list of information:

  • The hygienic and sanitary packages
  • Number of sticks on each package
  • Color of the gums (cream or off-white)
  • Smell
  • Taste

The valid herbal shops can suit your needs and be trustable. 

Mastic gum sizes for industries

The mastic gum sizes can be different according to the company packaging processes and also the main stages that the production line performs on them. The industries are trying to make better and more attractive generalizations fo their produced products as you go to the market for preparing them. 

The sizes of mastic gums are usually the small and wide plastic bottles with over than 30 up to 40 sticks that are shaped as a pellet. They are commonly white without any additive colors. There are no bigger sizes of these products more than 40 sticks because the sizes of gums are often measured by the number of sticks, not the bottles or the packages.

The industries have to pay attention to the different properties of their produced gums before they spread in the markets, in other words, it has to be completely tested and making sure. Several types of important physical and chemical characteristics of mastic gums are these ones:

  1. Chewiness
  2. Stickness
  3. Bubble-blowing capability
  4. Flavor release
  5. Cooling sensation

Without these items, your intended chewing gum have not the main level of quality and the customers will not satisfy anymore. It also has to be contained in low moisture and non-reactive content to be safer and suitable to use. 

But, try to use them after the main meals or at least when your stomach is not empty. Devouring the chewing gums can make many problems for your stomach and digestion system in the long-term. Today, there are many observations to make a balance between your usage and the type of product you intend to use. So, balance makes you care about this manner.

The production line and gum industry are developing these days and companies are looking for the best and highest results to make the gums without dangerous sugar and medicinal effects. The first manner is currently done and diabetes people can also use gums. The turpentine or Saghez gums are also the traditional types of handmade gums for medicinal purposes. The companies are making efforts to produce the sanitary and modern versions of these effective gums. 

Where to buy mastic gum?

Where to buy mastic gum?

As it said, the mastic gums that are presenting in the whole markets, and due to the main marketplaces, you can find your intended product at different prices. Buying the mastic gum needs to be enough informed and try to recognize the high quality of procedures and present them at different ranges of prices.

Producing the mastic gum is performed by several stages of processes in the companies and all of the sanitary and hygienic observations have to be completely done. Some of the main stages of this process is including in the below list:

  1. Firstly, it has to previously prepared through the melting, straining, and filtering process
  2. The formulation for gum-base is known within a few individuals
  3. The ingredients like nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners and sorts of flavors 
  4. The mixture is heated during the mixing process to develop the entropy the polymers to reach more uniform dispersion of ingredients
  5. Now, it is time for extrusion technology which has to implement to smooth shape and form the gum
  6. So, the shapes go through the shaping process, for example, making chunk and cubes and cut to the other pieces

The flavors of the chewing gums can be added in the second and third stages in accordance with the main flavor for these gums, for example, the real turpentine can be added to the ingredients and make the real medicinal chewing gums reached and become ready to go to the marketplaces for all of the customers. 

To buy the mastic gum, you can choose two ways: one way refers to the ordinary way of purchasing by going to the markets and grocery stores and prepare them, another way refers to the online web shops for the customers who do not want to go out, so, they prepare different brands of these products and pay the money.

Best prices of gum iran

Iran markets contain hundreds of different chewing gum types according to the qualities and company producer, so, it will make the customers possible to choose their appropriate chewing gum as well and pay for it. The prices of gums are not the same at each other and it needs to be closed to ranges of prices as well. 

Iranian people and also the whole world’s people like to use chewing gums too much and this is a type of habit for all of the ages since the children more than 5 ages to elderly persons who want to use it for different purposes such as:

  • Digestive process after meals
  • Freshening the breath
  • Improving the symptom of indigestion probability
  • Intestinal ulcers
  • Improving abdominal and stomach pain
  • Entertaining
  • The health of teeth (sugar-free ones)

Moreover, the types of chewing gums relate to three types and it is important to choose your appropriate one. So, the prices can be divided into different kinds and due to the types, the qualities can be different too. The main types of chewing gums are:

  1. Tablets
  2. Coating pellets
  3. Stick-/slabs

The bubble gums can be made of each of these types. The packs of bubble gums mostly come with 10, 17, or even 20 sticks with a compact and flattened package that is extremely made of pepper or aluminum. The pellet gums can be varied in boxes to bottles and blister packs. So, the ranges of prices of these three types are not the same as each other and they can be higher or lower according to the brands.

More sticks in a chewing gum package can be higher, there are many brands in Iran markets and the customers select from them differently. 

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